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Have you ever just wanted to get rid of everything in your office because you felt so cluttered and discombobulated? Are you tired of keeping track of other people's filing systems or having to convert it to your own? Evernote is the answer for you! Evernote is a great application that is available on iOS, Android, desktop, or your mobile devices. Create notes from anywhere, even your mobile phone! You can take snapshots of text and images, documents, and bsiness cards and then file them away and retrieve them when needed. Designed to educate you about all of the functions and purposes of the application, this manual will help you to convert your life into one that is virtually paperless! Topics that you will learn in this manual include the following: What is Evernote What Types of Evernote Accounts Are Available How to Create a Note How to Create a Notebook New Features for Evernote 5.0 Your life will become distraction free with the use of this application. The best thing about Evernote is that it is free! Everything is at your fingertips with Evernote. Enter in a few keywords and your notes will appear within seconds. You can also share your notes with anyone you choose (or upload them to social media). When you feel as if your office life is overwhelming, don't despair, Evernote is here!

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